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Shando Thera introduction.

by GriekseSalade, 723 days ago

Back in the yesteryear of World of Warcraft, there was a guild called Mythical on Skullcrusher.  Onyxia was barbecuing folks, entire evenings were spent stumbling around in Molten Core  and Blackwing Lair was the proverbial dog's bollocks. We had made the first tentative steps  into AQ when things suddenly went tits up in the guild. There was drama, suspense, flaming,  hysterics and eventually mutiny. The guild collapsed and from the ashes rose a new, shinier  guild: Shando Thera (which means Falling Leaf in the elven tongue). The new guild went into  the Burning Crusade and continued raiding, with most of the core of Mythical still in place.  Unfortunately, some of the problems from the old guild resurfaced and all the aggravation  ended up in yet another split. Project X was created by a disgruntled faction of ST, but this new  guild only lasted a year before being disbanded, mainly due to a lack of committed members  and limited raid progress. A section of PX were taken into Champions of the Hall, a guild with  which we had cooperated on earlier occasions. By this time, many members of the guild in it's 3  incarnations had either quit the game or moved to other servers/changed faction.  

Time passed, many kept in touch out of the game or returned on and off. Then, at some point  during MoP, people started to return. Momentum was gained, requests were made, threats  given and great plans were set in motion. WoD was approaching, people started raiding  together again and now we stand at a threshold. Older, wiser, sexier , but still full of banter and  shit-mongering. People have moved from other servers, recruiting is ongoing. Shando Thera is  prepared for Draenor. Question is: Will Draenor be prepared for us? And will you, anonymous  potential guild prospect, have what it takes to be part of Shando Thera??


Disclaimer: We're not as serious or hardcore as you may now think!

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